Flume, 'Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape)' Review

Flumes identifiable sound design and production has been an open evolution for his listeners since his debut self titled album in 2012 which was well received not only by his hometown but also internationally regarded as one to watch. Following this album up with his 2016 Grammy award winning album, Skin cemented Flume as one of the freshest new sounds and personalities in the electronic music scene. The more pop-centric album still shared elements from his debut but felt to be a much more polished cut and a step towards the commercial sounds.

‘Hi This Is Flume’ is no different yet sets itself aside from his previous projects, a step away from the more traditional electronic music as Harley leans into his experimental elements. A collection of glitchy, delicate, hard hitting and sharp layers create a contrast that only Flume could pull off.


High Beams, featuring another future classic Australian producer, ‘HWLS’ and UK punk-rock grime act, ‘slowthai’ pulls together an overall dirty and grime collaboration. The production aspects heavily compliment slowthai’s bars yet allowing for more equal approach to songwriting with Flume and HWLS production to still be the main essence of this track. Following on, Jewel touches on the more familiar sounds, with a driving melodic force and subtle poppier tones that are under constant attack from the glitchy and broken stabs of production.

The ambient and atmospheric elements of this album set up the landscape and structure for Flumes difficult and polyrhythmic elements to shine, especially noted on the appropriately titled, Dreamtime. The project seems to build to this climactic point which features the ‘single worthy’ track, ‘How To Build A Relationship’, a personal favourite. Featuring experimental artist JPEGMAFIA its a match made, similar to the works between Vince Staples and Flume in previous years. This track takes a midway rhythmic change to this big beat 90’s hip hop rhythm, possibly referencing this in the opening lines ‘jungle juice music’. This track by far is a highlight and a heavy hitter.

The rest of the album continues on a similar journey through experimentation, showing off Flumes crips production qualities and sometimes a violent essence. He is a master of knowing when and how to break the rules and to how to pull it off seamlessly. One of the more disorientating tracks, Amber is a reminder to the late night clubbing and pulsating beat through your chest.

‘Hi This Is Flume’ is Flumes bravest, most brutal and refreshing project to date, the production quality really takes the listen deep into the transcending element to get lost into the journey.

Isaac Lewis